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  1. Thanks whacked; they never found it =P lol

    Day 7 Shoulders/Traps/Deltoids Weight: 168.3 lbs (+.3lbs)

    Workout was actually really good today; the only pump so far that's been truly noticable was from Day 3 but I had a lot more energy than usual today especially considering I have no Pre-WO supp.

    I'm also noticing some slight changes. The bloating is starting to harden; my arms and chest look more vascular now. Libido is still going steady; haven't felt lethargic at all today(thankgod).

    Tomorrow is Chest/Triceps. (I normally wouldn't work chest after shoulders but I want to test DecaVol's recovery.)

  2. Good to see the positives bro

    I quit my use already. Complete Zombie. For me, it was bad enough to quit. I felt like GARBAGE.

    I'm a VERY experienced gear user (10 years) and nothing has compromised my energy levels to such a degree.

    ***PH's and gear affect everyone differently so this is simply my personal feedback***

  3. What? You quit using Deca? Did I miss something???

  4. I've got a question reps or whacked. What do you think of me adding L-dopa by NOW Foods into my cycle so as to prevent any flare ups from prolactin. Will this conflict with my results? i.e. harm them?

    edit: Nvm I forgot this has ATD in it.

  5. I quit the Decavol. BRUTAL lethargy.

    AMS is still a good company and Im sure this is a good product for many but for ME, Decavol was "not worth it".

    Quote Originally Posted by BrYmAsTeR17 View Post
    What? You quit using Deca? Did I miss something???

  6. Day 8 Chest/Triceps Weight 168.4lbs. (+.1lb)

    Today blew Natadrol out of the water; i'm not even kidding. I can't tell if I made any gains yet but I could tell something was up when I started my first excercise on incline press (BTW i've learned since today to never take a break from incline for more than a month) and immediately after a pumped set I was sweating like a pig. This isn't the kind of sweat where you are tired sweatty; THIS WAS A PUMPED SWEATTY! lol. The only other times this has happened was on Halodrol(and that took 3 weeks to kick in!!). And this is ONLY the beginning of week 2!!! My arms looked like balloons today! Ectomorph + Wet arms = sSmeXxy. hahah

    Either my receptors are complete virgins or this product is THE SH^T. I'm keeping the dosage at 4 BTW. Tomorrow is OFF but I wish it wasn't!!!

    Oh and whacked I respect your decision completely. You really are careful about what you put in your body unlike 90 percent of America. Reps for giving this a shot.

  7. Thanks buddy and best of luck and continued success with you're Decavol run!!

  8. Day 9 OFF Weight: 170.3lbs (+1.9lbs!!!)

    The weight gain kind of speaks for me

    Oh and another thing: my muscles are starting to look really pale and smooth. It's like my natural color is disappearing.

  9. Day 10 Upper Back/Biceps/abs Weight: 170.1lbs. (-.2lbs)

    Still no strength gains yet, but it was still an okay workout. I didn't feel as much out of Biceps and very little pumps. I kind of feel tired today; more so than usual. Tomorrow is Lower Back/rotator cuff stretching.

    Could someone tell me why my muscles look so "smooth?" Does real Deca do this?

  10. Day 11 Lower Back/Cuff Stretches Weight: 170.5 lbs. (+.4lbs)

    Still no gains. Day 8 and 3 seemed to be the best. Endurance was okay but lifts have not changed in the slightest. As of today I am upping the dose up to 5 caps a day and I have 1 bottle of 4-AD UTT on the way to combat lethargy I have been feeling and to set a base for this progestin. I will dose 4-AD 3 ml to begin day 13 and up to 4 near the end (day 28). If everything goes right I should still have a 28-29 day cycle.

    Fingers are crossed. And thankyou for the 4-AD advice tattoopeirced1

  11. Day 12 OFF Weight: 170.5lbs.

    Took my first dose of 4-AD and I'll take another in a few hours. Tomorrow I'll dose 3mL

  12. Day 13 Legs/Abs Weight: 170.3 lbs. (-.2lbs.)

    Nothing to report today. I'm just going to give it time *sigh* I wish I was on Day 8 again Although I love the feeling I get after ingesting 2 mL of 4-AD; it feels good. It gives me a nice lil boost of energy. Really putting a lot of stock into these upcoming days, but not aiming too high! lol.

  13. Day 14 SUCK DAY Weight: 170.5lbs

    I'm starting to lose strength in Bench. I can't max out at 225 anymore like I could before. It fell on me I couldn't even get it halfway up. I don't know what the freak is going on but every workout since Day 10 has been progressively sucky. I feel tired and crappy and I'm beginning to think Whacked had the best idea. This cycle is sucking. I'm tired of all this anticipation to make gains and now I'm losing strength!!! What I can't understand is how my weight is going up how this is possible. I'm going to finish this log but I'm beginning to think this crap is just.. well crap

  14. LOL. Well, good luck and I hope you just had a bad day

    PS: the 4AD will help you - give it time.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Whacked View Post
    LOL. Well, good luck and I hope you just had a bad day

    PS: the 4AD will help you - give it time.
    I really hope so too because my attitude has gone from

    speculation>hope>patiency(if that's a word lol)>frustration>being really pissed off.

    LOL. I'm back to being hopeful though, , I don't want anymore Suck Days.

  16. LOL hang tight man.

  17. Day 15 OFF Weight: 170.5lbs

  18. Day 16 PR DAY!/Back/Biceps/Abs Weight: (171.0lbs) (+.5lbs)

    Alright kiddies! Today I hit my first PR! I got two extra reps on my bicep curl doing the EXACT SAME ROUTINE as I did two weeks ago. And my lats were pumped throughout wide-grip pull-ups. I ended up doing 8 sets of wide-grip whereas I usually only do 3-4. It went 12x9x7x7x5x4x2x1. I also made new PR's on my abs. I am pulling off two more reps on each and every ab excercise I do and upped my weight from a 25lb. medicine ball to a 30lb!!!~ doing the exact same number of reps with the 30. I didn't really feel a bicep pump but my lats freaking loved this workout.

    It's amazing what can happen in a matter of days. I go from feeling crappy about Decavol to feeling f^ck*ng awesome! And to top it off my weight for my entire life has never been 171. I've never seen that on any scale until today. Things are looking up!

    My dosing for the remainder of the cycle will be as follows:
    5 caps a day~decavol
    5mL a day~4-AD

    Tomorrow is Lower Back

  19. .............

    Quote Originally Posted by Whacked View Post
    LOL. Well, good luck and I hope you just had a bad day

    PS: the 4AD will help you - give it time.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Whacked View Post
    I love you

  21. That's probably just the 4AD speaking LOLOL

    Good luck with your continued success.

  22. Day 17 Deadlift day(Lower Back) Weight: 170.6lbs (-.4lbs.)

    Well shoot no PR's in my deadlifts today and my energy was pretty much the same as it's always been. O well guess I'll just have to wait on that one.

    Tomorrow is OFF

    BTW..I've been having some sick headaches lately. They come right after I dose the 2.5 mL of 4-ad before workout and then after a few decavol doses.

  23. Check blood pressure

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Whacked View Post
    Check blood pressure
    Yea it's hanging around 136 / 73 whereas it's usually around 125 / 66.

    Day 18 OFF Weight: 170.5

  25. Day 19 OFF Weight: 171.2lbs (+.2lbs.)

    I have a nice recomp look although I look skinnier now instead of that bloated look from the beginning of this cycle. My abs are showing a lot better so I'm pretty sure I've lost some bodyfat. Tomorrow is Chest/Triceps


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