Arom-X questions

  1. Arom-X questions

    I've been wondering: does the 3a-Hydroxyetioallocholan (androsterone) has an enhanced absorption by the body/prolonged half-life due to the ethyl ester? If so, relatively to the half-life, for how long is it extended?
    And I've also another question: I was thinking about to use a AI to dry up a little to the summer, but I'm a bit afraid as I'm too sensitive with AI's when it comes to my libido (I've taken Novedex XT (ATD + 3-OHAT), as a standalone, at one capsule per day and had to stop due to joint stifness, and my experience with ALRI's Restore (6-Bromo), also as a standalone, was great in terms of strength but my libido was once again sacraficed). So do you think that is safe (in libido terms) for me to use Arom-X (capsule version) in order to achive the drying effects that I'm looking for?

    P.S.: I've done the same questions on the Arom-X sticky, but since I haven't got any reply I thought by doing a thread exclusive to this kind of questions I'd get a better answer.

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  3. I think quite honestly you could hurt your sex drive on Arom-X BUT we don't use a ton of ATD in it so it's hard to say. It's just one of those things you won't know until you try it. Taking something like Icariin or horney goat weed can help but there are never any guarantees in the sex drive department.
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    Thanks for the reply
    Not a problem man. Sorry for the late reply.
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  8. Cheers guys! Very useful information.


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