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    One research lab Advanced Muscle Science uses is called the Gym™. Yep, the Gym™. Where blood, sweat, tears (maybe more puke then tears) are poured out in an effort to pack on slabs of mass and burn away gobs of fat.

    If you haven't been following the latest Advanced Muscle Science lab rat (I'm kidding we use actual humans) named Duda, please check out this thread for more information on his contest prep. Feel free to post up questions and comments as well.

    The latest experiment occurred in the Gym™ today, prior to starting a heavy duty back training session, where we thought we'd put Body Mortar to the test.

    Duda has been following a carbohydrate cycling program, and has been on a relatively "low" carb program, based on how his body has been responding. More specifically, over the past 4 days, Duda has been in "Low carb mode." We realize that low carbs could be anywhere from 80 grams per day, down to zero...but, for Duda, his body seems to do best in terms of performance and fat loss at around 140 carbs per day. Still, with only 60-70 grams of carbs in his system by the time of training...and with the 40 minutes of cardio on a daily basis, Duda's energy levels have been rather low for training.

    So, we added in the Body Mortar over the past week...and Duda has noticed a tremendous lift in energy. Stacked w/ the high-dose anti-fatigue and anabolic support of HyperTrop-X, Duda has noticed a difference in muscle energy levels...and fatigue is delayed until the very last few reps.

    He mixes up 1 serving of Body Mortar, and throws down 6 Hypertrop-X, prior to each workout. He will sip the Body Mortar throughout the workout, although still relatively "tired" from the leaning out program, Duda says that by sipping on the Body Mortar, and the Hypertrop-X together, he's able to power through his workouts without feeling flat or like his blood sugar is dropping.

    So, we thought we'd put it to the test. We did an Accu-check blood sugar test prior to his training today. Duda hit a long back workout, over 27 sets, 3 heavy movements, 1 medium, squeeze movement, and 2 light FST-7 movements, to blast lower, middle back for increased thickness and detail.

    Here's the results:

    Accucheck prior to training, (no Body Mortar yet, but 88 grams of carbs in the first 3 meals): 98 mg/dl

    Accucheck after 3 heavy movements (13 sets into the movement): 96 mg/dl

    To this point, Duda was sipping on 1 scoop of Body Mortar, 30 grams of carbs, staggered glycemic index/absorption rate...he finished it off at this point, about 40 minutes into hard, all out.

    Accucheck 15 minutes after completion of workout: 82 mg/dl.

    Just in time for his recovery dose of Body Mortar! Refuel the muscle cells, jam the anabolic ratio of BCAA's, and feed growth and recovery!


    Duda said at the beginning of the workout that the diet was challenging, but his motivation was high. After the first blood sugar reading, 1/2 way through his workout, he felt good, but fatigue was setting in - "Thanks to the Body Mortar, I'm still feeling strong." By the end of the workout, Duda was done...he had pushed through 27 ripping sets, and was able to push his body to the limit, fueled and fortified with Body Mortar and Hypertrop-X...

    Soon, he'd be climbing up onto the Stairmill for his 40 minute cardio session.

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  2. Bump. Anything else you guys want to see in the "lab"?
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  4. great deal my friend!!!
    Working on living

  5. That is an awesome price!
    25 bux.

  6. Body Mortar:

    I have no scientific magic to back this up, but I ran a Half Marathon (13.1 miles). I took 1 dose in the AM an hour and half before the race, 1 dose at mile marker 9, and 1 dose about 10 min after crossing the finish line. In my opinion Body Mortar def helped with my endurance and recovery. I just drank the water for my last race and ended up cramping and fatiguing.
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  7. Got any deals on 4-ad coming? Just finished a cycle and liked what i saw. Would like to get some more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bowhunter28 View Post
    Got any deals on 4-ad coming? Just finished a cycle and liked what i saw. Would like to get some more.
    why yes...

  9. Good pricing mate. Cheers.


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