Methyl XT and 1-ad?

  1. Question Methyl XT and 1-ad?

    I got some Methyl xt by EST and was thinking of stacking in some 1-ad, because I read in another thread that methyl 1-alpha is the same thing as methyl xt and it suggested to stack it with methyl 1-d. Or would stacking it with 4-ad be more sensible. because the methyl xt is supposed to be like a m1t clone but just a little weaker from what I hear? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. Methyl XT is rumored to be quite toxic and the gains come fast. The Methyl XT and 1-Andro stack would likely be a bit more harsh and toxic then the Methyl XT/4-AD stack. But the gains would likely be better as well.

    Either way you decide its a good stack simply because neither 1-Andro of 4-AD are methyls. Personally I'd do the Methyl XT/1-Andro cycle. But look out for pretty severe shutdown, potential hairloss, and elevated BP. But you have to look out for those things with almost any cycle.
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