Hello i am back in the gym and look like a fricken twig, was 195lbs last year but dropped down to 150 because of work, no gym and only taking in 2k in calories max. I just started back in the gym, and want to know what would be the best stack for the fastest and largest gains. I have a great diest (the same as i used to first put on 20lbs of muscle in 2 months). I would like as much feedback and infor on this stack and what would be the best pct for this stack. I want to use 1-ad, 4-ad, deca utt, or drone utt. Which will be the best for the gains im looking for ? looking for lots and lots of mass. I have gppd strength because i am a Bricklayer / Stone Mason. And am looking to put on size which is most important to me at this point and my doctor says off the record that im healthy to use these products.

Thank you all for helping me when you do.