Whats up fellas? I'm a 6'3" 210lb 29 year old. I am looking for some gains in lean mass and strength, as well as burning off some BF. I want to do an 8 wk cycle of UTT products from AMS. I have a small amount of experience with AAS and PH. Back when it was still legal I took androstene for 2 months and gained 20lbs. Also about 6-7 months ago I ran a cycle of Sustenon 250 that got cut short due to circumstances beyond my control and I failed to do any kind of PCT. As a result I lost all my gains and developed enough fat to put me at around 16-20% BF vs. 8% before cycle. I currently run 5-6 miles 3times a week, and I do cross-fit 3 times a week. My diet is not too bad, mostly high protien, complex carbs and some fat, with the occasional cheat food thrown in on the weekends. The thing is though is my run times have gotten a lot slower over the past few months and I can't get rid of this BF I developed after cutting my Sust cycle short. So I've been doing my homework and reading up on the forums and I've settled on AMS's products to help me get my edge back.

I've asked some questions here and there and Tat was cool and gave me some advice on what to take to reach my goals. I was pointed in the direction of a 1AD/Decavol cycle with Arom-X as my PCT. I want you guys out there to give me all the info and knowledge on the best stack/ dosages and support supps to help me reach my goals. Whatever stack I end up doing I will report it on this thread and then start a log with before and after pics, measurements...the works.

Heres what I need to do...
-gain lean muscle
-strength gains
-build explosive power/speed to help with sports
-faster run times on a 5k race
-burn BF!!!

If you guys need more specific info then let me know and I'll post what you need. Have fun with the brainstorming and Thx in advance for the help and advice.