First Dose 1-Andro Nasty Itchy Rash!

  1. First Dose 1-Andro Nasty Itchy Rash!

    I decided to get started out yesterday morning around 9AM with my Advanced Muscle Science Ultimate Mass Stack.

    To start I tookat 9AM:

    1ml of 4AD
    2 caps of 1-Andro
    1 cap of Decavol

    Fine, everything is good.

    12:00 P.M. I take:

    1 cap of Decavol

    5:00 P.M. I take:

    2 caps of 1-Andro.

    Get in my car and start the 45 minute drive to the gym. Felt like I was going to die. My skin flushed, my stomach felt like it was on fire and my entire body was shocked.

    And no, I didnt take any Beta Alanine so no, its not from that. Or a niacin flush either. When I got to the gym I take off my shirt in front of the mirror and I have these red splotches/rash all over my body!

    I got about halfway thru my training session and bailed. This rash itches like crazy all over my body. its still there this morning. my arms, my torso, my legs, and even my face.

    I have stopped taking all supps for now until this rash clears up. I did read that 1-AD can cause a rash in rare cases. Just my luck. On my birthday of all days! Just turned 39. But look 22. Must be all the gym time. I digress.

    I read that if a rash develops, stop taking 1-AD right away. After this rash clears up can I get back on it at maybe one cap(100mg) per day? Or is my body rejecting it and I should just avoid it completely? Or is there something I can take apply to counteract the breakout?

  2. I responded to your pm and thread over on I'll do it again here for ya.

    Sounds like an allergy...although rare, they do happen. I went through the same thing after a lobster dinner a couple moths ago. It was horrible.

    If you're sure it was the 1-andro that caused it, don't take it again.
    Advanced Muscle Science

  3. i was taking a 1-andro clone and stared itching all over red splotches but itching for sure.i thought i was crazy but guess not.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jambarino View Post
    i was taking a 1-andro clone and stared itching all over red splotches but itching for sure.i thought i was crazy but guess not.
    1-testosterone and its precursors seem to have a bit higher incidence of allergy than other androgens. This is particularly a problem with the transdermal stuff. I've seen some pretty nice rashes from the old 1-test TD products.
    Advanced Muscle Science

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