Choosing AMS for my first cycle

  1. Choosing AMS for my first cycle

    After doing some extensive research I feel like Im ready to do my first PH and Im going to choose to use some of AMS products. Specifically your UTT lineup. Here is what Im planning to do and I hope you can give me some insightful feedback on anything else i should add or take-away

    On Cycle
    1-AD UTT
    4-AD UTT
    AI Cycle Support
    Comp Edge Labs Formestane

    Arom-X UTT
    CEL Suppress C

    I was also thinking bout using T-911 on the PCT but thought maybe this could be too much.... anyways any help on this would be appreciated

  2. Looks great man! Sence it is your first cycle just make sure u follow the bottles recommendation. As for the t-911 during pct...Great idea and and very solid product.

  3. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    Cant wait to start seeing the UTT logs pop up

  4. Sounds good man.
    I enjoyed my AMS Cycle.
    I did it before the UTT system.
    Please keep us updated as to how it works out for you.

    Good luck Bro.


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