Stacking decavol with1-ad only question

  1. Cool Stacking decavol with1-ad only question

    Hey guys,

    I was given a bottle of 1-ad (60 caps) and a bottle of slightly used deca vol(48 caps. What would be the best way to run these together? I'm asking, as I'm not super familiar with either compound. (Methyls on the other hand, I give seminars, lol!)

    N.B. The same friend also gave me an unopened bottle of old school 19 Nor from ergo, never opened. If i wanted to add that also, is that possible/advisable?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. I might add that I have the ability to get additional bottles of 1-ad, 4-ad, and decavol at wholesale. So if more are needed, its not a big deal

  3. Whats your goals partner? Depending on dosage and time u want to run this theres really not much to work with unless u run short cycle. But you said u can get other were

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