Public Thank You to the AM Members

  1. Arrow Public Thank You to the AM Members

    I just wanted to say how much AMS appreciates all the guys here at AM. As you can imagine we work with several boards and sites across the net and bad logs, deals, communication, and what not are common on the other sites. But not here. When people here apply to log a product they do what is asked of them and even more! And the members not logging are supportive and ask great questions. Anyways thats enough "bro-love" for one day.

    By the way - Because of this fact we always try to give this forum a couple more logs/products/etc whenever we can.
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  2. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    Bump on this. Completely agree, AM is the best.

  3. its easy when you got bunch of great reps like you guys.

  4. ..Dang i cant even remember how i found this site ,but thank god I did. Great members who are always willing to help! This is my favorite part.

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