Into the beginning of week 3 on DecaVol and nothing yet.

  1. Into the beginning of week 3 on DecaVol and nothing yet.

    Started a cycle of Decavol a little over 2 weeks ago. I was having some minor shoulder problems when I worked my chest so I took this to help. Well so far I must say that it seems to be helping my shoulder discomfort but Being that this is day 16 still I dont see any weight gain. Hopefully when I go to the gym today I'll see some strength gains. So far not overly impressed. Stuff is almost 50$ a bottle and I just opened bottle number two. I was doing 3 week 1 and 4 week 2. As of Saturday I uped it to 6 a day until I run out. I'll post later with results from the gym today.

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    what does your diet look like?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by tattoopierced1 View Post
    what does your diet look like?
    My diet is decent. I get probably about a 150 g of protein a day on about 2500 calories. I calculated my TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) to be about 2661, which is why I have my daily intake of calories a bit lower because I'm trying to reduce my bodyfat %. Currently I'm at 188 lbs and 16% bodyfat. I realize that I shouldnt expect a weight gain with a slight caloric defecit but my last cycle of Hdrol I put on almost 10 lbs and my diet really wasn't very different from now (maybe a bit higher in calories but didnt gain any weight until that cycle).

    As for the gym today. Started chest doing dumbell inclines. After my warm-up sets I used 90's for my working sets. First set was 8, second 6, and last was 5. Even though I perfromed each rep slowly and with perfect form I still dont think I gained any strength. It's been awhile since I've started a chest workout with incline dumbells so it's kinda hard to say. The funny thing is that my left shoulder is hurting again now lol. Well next Monday will be one week from today with the whole time taking 6 caps a day. Hopefully next week I'll see more results. Hoping to weigh in at 192 with no increase in bodyfat and I'll be going for 225 for at least 7 reps on flat bench. Tommorow is legs day so hopefully I'll see an increase in my squat. That's something I can measure a little better because they've been my staple exercise for my legs. I hope that these posts will help some people out there. I didn't really find any logs for just Decavol so I'll keep letting you guys know until I go off and what the final results are. Ok I'll post again tommorow night. Take it easy all.

  4. Diet is the key to gaining weight, not the steroids. Also I think your dose was a little low. I would run at least 6/day. You can't gain weight if the calories are not there. And along with the weight gain will come strength increases.

  5. ''150 g of protein a day on about 2500 calories'', Without looking at anything else other than your current weight I can tell you this is why those scales are not going up. You need to increase protein and calories for your weight of 188lbs. Try to aim for 1.5 to 2 grams a day x-bodyweight so this would bring your caloric intake near 200-250g protein which i think would be a good start (dont want to add to much to fast) Im 200lb and keep protein around 300-375 while on cycle. As for the calories and watching the BF% just eat clean but EAT! to get those extra few calories in per day.



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