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    The Ultimate muscle-building agent

    Remember when Prohormones worked as advertised without harsh side effects or dangers? Advanced Muscle Science (AMS) revives those days with the groundbreaking product 1-Androsterone! This product has many of the same beneficial effects that the now banned products 1-Androstendiol and 1-Test did. In fact, due to its unique legal formulation 1-ANDROSTERONE will give you even better results, because we have learned a few things since the original “andro” prohormones were on the market

    The most common benefits include the following:

    * Non-Toxic (unlike virtually every “methyl” prohormone on the market)
    * Orally Active Compound
    * Extremely Potent
    * Completely Non-Aromatizable to Estrogen
    * Naturally Occurring

    1-Androsterone converts at a high rate to 1-Testosterone and will give you similar strength and size increases to other products such as the old 1-Andro or 1-Test products that were on the market before they were banned. Old 1-Andro products were known for their high conversion rate and for being truly orally active. Those products also converted to 1-tesosterone (which is an isomer of testosterone) and were found in research to be 700% more anabolic (muscle building) than standard testosterone. Early user feedback reported lean mass and strength gains without much, if any, corresponding water gains. To sum it up, they have reduced estrogenic and increased androgenic activity. This allowed for increases in strength and aggression, reduction of body-fat and a leaner look to the physique.

    Now, through a new and different legal formulation 1-Androsterone provides the similar results! Not a liver toxic methyl prohormone, 1-Androsterone combines the safest and most advanced delivery method available in a prohormone product to deliver better results than the older products. 1-Androsterone will improve upon what was an already high conversion rate to its target hormone, 1-Testosterone. Once again, like the older products, 1-Androsterone cannot convert to estrogen or DHT, so gyno and hair loss are not a concern. If you are looking to relive the benefits of the older products with a safe and effective legal prohormone product, look to 1-Androsterone to provide the horsepower for your next cycle of six to eight weeks. It is best stacked with our other legal and effective superstar, 4-AD on cycle to keep up your libido and increase your gains. Finally, stack them both with Arom-X to boost your natural production off cycle and complete your AMS Hormone Regulation kit.
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  2. androsterone
    Once the only form of communication between animals, pheromones are chemical messengers from one being to another that affect the behavior of the receiver. From amoebas to insects to mammals, all animals have this ability. Detected in mammals through the vomeronasal organ in the nose, these chemicals vary and convey different messages. Some may tell something about a readiness to mate, others serve to define territory or announce aggression. A whiff of pheromones from a female mouse, for instance, will make a male mouse start mating immediately. Pheromones from male mice produce other changes like making him more aggressive.

    In humans, the vomeronasal organ does not function as well as in most mammals, and we have lost the ability to consciously detect pheromones. There is, however, a body of scientific evidence that we are subconsciously influenced by pheromones and that to a degree, pheromones still dictate much of human sexual interaction.

    Some of this evidence comes from a study at the University of Kentucky when researchers sprayed the male pheromone, androsterone on pictures of men of average sexual attractiveness. When showed to women, it was discovered that men in the androsterone-sprayed pictures were rated as more attractive.

    Androsterone pheromone can be bought in a concentrate form or mixed with a fragrant cologne. A survey of 100 men who used a popular brand of androsterone pheromone concentrate reported the following:

    92% noticed an increase in women making eye contact

    89% noticed more smiles from women

    76% reported strange women starting conversations with them

    81% reported being approached by women they didn't know

    68% reported an increase in dates and other forms of sociosexual contact

    Androsterone pheromone also seems to have an affect on other men, making someone who has more seem more intimidating. Many men have reported using the androsterone pheromone in sports or business environments to be noticed and gain respect

  3. Thanks alot, that was a very unbiased review.

  4. since the UTT product is no longer available, I was wondering if any of you have tried or compared the:

    1-Andro Liquid™


    1-Androsterone RDe™

    the liquid, I am assuming, is similar to the UTT if not the same product with another name. The RDe is the effervescent tablets. Anyone had good results from these or prefer one over the other?

    please feel free to offer your opinions...

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