1. Dienedrone

    Hey guys so school has just started for me and my school has drug testing.. my question is.. would dienedrone taken on the suggested dosage show up in a basic urine sample.. just curious.. and with a good cycle i think i would be ok... let me know guys...

  2. most definitely.

  3. so most definately i'll be ok or most definately it will show up on the test??

  4. will show up in test, lasts in the body for at least a month

  5. so i'm guessing there's no way around it then huh?? just to stop taking it??

  6. Quote Originally Posted by andrew732 View Post
    will show up in test, lasts in the body for at least a month
    I dont think basic urine tests...look for steroids

  7. i read some where about the 11th bond missing so it turns out to be pretty weak... only because the 11th bond can be added naturally by the body.. only with chemical reaction..something like that...

  8. how old are ya pal?

  9. it may be weaker than the original, but just like dhea, over while much of it becomes an artificial testosterone=AAS, do the math

  10. i'm 18 but i'm thinking i'm just going to get off of it and go natural way... eating a crap load and taking my protein shakes..

  11. Well, it sounds like you don't know much.

    That, among other things, makes prohormones/steroids at your age a terrible idea.

  12. yes very true on the uneducated part... i set and thought about it and yeah.. i'm just going all natural portein shakes and a lot of eating.... lol eating just gets so exspensive lol

  13. Eating does get expensive but its not like you can slack on eating when you run PH. If nothing you should eat more IMO.



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