Prohomone administration

  1. Prohomone administration

    Hey PA what's your opinion on using parenteral forms of prohormones for my rats? I believe that compounds with poor oral availability that are already active such as dienolone would be good candidates, but how about like hdrol that requires 3b-HSD to convert? Where are the highest concentrations of 3b-HSD and 17b-HSD present?

  2. Bump. Anyone?

  3. i dont even fully understand the science at that level. but right off the bat, im questioning whether it even matters. hdrol has like an 8hour half life. so in my head, im thinking it should all convert eventually unless someone is taking some ridiculus dumass liver-death dose

    and you can factor in that most methyls are active and dont even need to convert

  4. Hdrol is quite active in the parent form. It's probably a small amount that's converted anyway. PA would have to answer the enzyme thing. Idk

  5. So basically I'm asking... Would it make sense to inject PHs that are not in their active form and require conversion?

  6. i dont want to comment on injecting prohormones. its not a good subject

    I dont think 3b-ols have substantial AR binding. 3a-ols might however Featured Author

  7. Understandable I apologize! Are optimal administration methods for any medicine more of a trial and erroe type deal, or can they be determined by structure?


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