UR spray and androgens

  1. UR spray and androgens

    What are your thoughts on using ur spray while using androgens? My thought process is that the research shows an increase in skeletal muscle and fat loss as well as some cardioprotective properties. Would there be a synergistic relationship with androgens as well as some potential protection from the harmful effects on lipid levels and the heart by methylated hormones? any input or anecdotal evidence is appreciated.

  2. The scientific literature really doesnt address this area enough to answer based on purely theoretical considerations. I invite anyone with experience using hormones alongside ur spray to chime in though with their anecdotal feedback
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  3. I've heard (will find the links) that using ursolic acid while being on a cycle may be beneficial d/t it lowering myostatin.

  4. when I was talking about the subject of "cycle length" it was brought up the ursolic acid may help one be able to continue to gain using U.R. "it's suggested Ursolic Acid may inhibit myostatin through TGF-beta 1 down regulation" http://www.advancedmusclesciencelab....-thing-on.html on another note, I prefer prototype nutrition's ur spray for my ur needs, absorbs fast, and works great. havn't used on cycle though, only during pct (still using it)

  5. During PCT UR-Spray (the best way to get bio-available UA), helps you retain gains. During a gainer it has at least a combined effect. I don't think it is synergistic but it does increase gains. This is completely based on my experiences.

  6. it also has a right cool nutrient repartitioning effect akin to IGF-1. It shuttles carbs thru its insulin mimicking/enhancing effects and helps burn fat at the same time.


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