Good non hormonal stack?

  1. Good non hormonal stack?

    What's a good non hormonal stack to use? My friend who weighs 220 is pushing up the same weight as me and I weigh 200. He's about to start ultra drol and on pro hormones and I want to stay stronger than him. Is there a supplement stack that could keep up with a pro hormone. I'm 18 and he's 19.

  2. 1) Wrong section to post in

    2) Your friend is a moron for taking a prohormone at 19

    3) You and your friend are BOTH too young to even wreak the benefits of a natural testosterone booster, let alone prohormone

    4) Why are you worrying about comparing strengths against your uneducated friend whom will be taking a prohormone?

    5) Take advantage of your naturally high testosterone for your age and just plow food and lift heavy.
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  3. My bad I'm new to the forum (if you haven't noticed already). And it's just competition. He's my best friend and we just always compete against each other. But now he's gonna start using hormones to get ahead.

  4. $10 says if you eat more, youll stay stronger than him. even though hes gonna be on an anabolic

    reason being is im guessin your friend is a complete moron and doesnt know how to dial in nutrition. so hes doing the same thing everyone in this generation does, lookin for a short cut. even if he gains any strength, he'll lose it in pct. dont worry op, dial the nutrition and youll win your little competition

  5. Yeah? Thank for the advice. I just don't want to get jacked on hormones. All I'm using right now is creatine and protein and I've been seeing pretty good results with an average diet. But competition drives me but it would make me mad if I'm trying to do it properly and he cheats to get ahead.

  6. lol welcome to performance enhancing drugs. just lift hard and get your **** straight and you can be at his level. Neither of you have any business with that stuff
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  7. Sean is right. No need for stacks man, especially at 19. Eat a F ton, lean proteins, creatine is fine too. Plus, supp stacks are pricey and I'm willing to bet you have better sh*t to spend the little money you have on that. (Unless you are a spoiled which case....never mind)
    I'm 32 and I barely ever use anything other than a good diet and I'm still making gains, you should have no prob.

  8. U know what happens to stacks

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  9. Goodfellas!


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