Ad-3 pct and velvet bean

  1. Ad-3 pct and velvet bean

    Is the velvet bean extract (99% l-dopa) at 800 mg a day to high? I want to run this product but I feel funny taking such a pure form and high dose of l-dopa.

  2. I cant remember what typical dosages are for l-dopa Featured Author

  3. I think normal dosage of velvet bean is 15% pure at around 500 mg a day which is way lower then this considering it claims to be 99% pure which naturally is hard to believe. Either way I'm going to take it I don't think it should be a problem . Thanks Tho!

  4. L-dopa really doesnt work that well unless its taken with carbidopa. also you want to avoid vitamin b6 at the same time Featured Author

  5. Okay cool thanks !



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