bulking help!

  1. bulking help!

    Hey guys little background information I have crohns disease I had it since I was 14 yrs old and now I am 23yrs old I am looking to bulk on a lot of weight I have always struggled with gaining weight but now since last september was my first surgery I need to get healthy. I came out of the hospital at 120lb 6'0ft now I am 135 looking to join a gym and get some serious weight.

    my roommate is doing havoc cycle with P6 extreme and mp assault for pre workout then drinks amp amplified wheybolic extreme 60 after workout then he drinks GNV beyond Raw reb-built mass for calories and creation and recovery enhancements. (He has gained 25lb in 3 weeks)

    Im thiking about doing this cycle but maybe doing havoc and stacking with daa. also Looking for best pre/post workout for bulking and the thinking about using clomid and N2sling for PCT. my goal is to get to 180lb.

  2. at your height, you can put on weight without the use of Havoc.
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  3. Yah bc of crohns it's just hard for me to get all the nutrients that I need and also forget but I am allergic to wheat and pualtry minus pork and can't tolerate cows milk... I've know people my wold life that is 180 and 6'ft tall and they never work out or anything just eat junk food while I was struggling I know at one point my parents offers my 1$ for every lb I gained and I drank protien Shakes and had my own workout studio and still nothing. This is why I'm interested in havoc if I could get inj cycle I would if I could. Just shows how desperate I am to gain weight

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