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    Agmatine, muscle builder or prostate breaker?
    Since few years companies are promoting agmatine. And based on the user feedback it seems that it's working well for pump, vascularity and hypertrophy. But how safe is it in regard to prostate health? It seems that Agmatine increases synthesis of arachidonic acid in the body. Now It has been shown that arachidonic acid stimulates the growth of prostate cancer cells. Studies show that incidences of prostate cancer is greatest in regions with high consumption of foods rich in arachidonic acid. This leads to my question: is agmatine safe for men? And what impact does it have on our prostate?

  2. I have no idea. Though AA does promote the formation of inflammatory mediators and these are associated with tumor growth. However Regions that eat alot of AA probably also eat alot of red meat and probably have a more western type diet. The western type diet can be pro carciogenic for many reasons, and the AA content may have nothing to do with it. I see no alarm in taking agmatine based on such a tenuous connection Featured Author

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