How long until the final AAS/ OTC tap out??

  1. How long until the final AAS/ OTC tap out??

    Knowing all too well how the Govt works, and the number of unscheduled AAS listed in Vida; in your opinion, how long does the average Joe have to purchase these " grey area AAS" OTC, before Uncle Sam deliveres the all encompassing final blow/ban?

    If and when that happens, do you think SARMS will be the future?

  2. there is a bill sitting around that can be added to another bill at any time and then whisk through to law. or it may not. i have no idea, except that when it happens it might happen very fast and with little warningThe bill likely wont cover sarms, so they may be the alternative Featured Author

  3. the FDA is starting to crack down on these steroid products right now though using existing FDA laws. So a new law might not even be necessary to put the kabosh on the industry Featured Author

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