andro factory & 711 spray stacked

  1. Cool andro factory & 711 spray stacked

    Hi Patrick,
    wanted your advice on these two together bulk up (8 weeks cycle) & when I should start using the 11 spray

  2. how do you stack a factory? Featured Author

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Arnold View Post
    how do you stack a factory?

  4. Andro Factory = (former) Primordial Performance "Andro series" clones. They're non methylated DHEA based stuff, which are unmethylated, moderately effective, and very expensive. If you're running the stronger options for a bulk, I would save the 11 spray for a bridge, and the 7 spray for PCT. I would also recommend running Pump Spray or UR Spray while both ON and in PCT, as Ursolic Acid helps muscle growth (or in the cases of under-eating and PCT, prevents muscle loss), and fat loss (or in the case of over eating, prevents fat gain) never mind the host of other health benefits in general, especially when dealing with anabolics, like positive effects on prostate, liver, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc..

    Of course, if you have enough 11 Spray, you could run it while on, and as a bridge, and then switch to 7 spray after the bridge time frame. As for "stacking" in general, to quote myself in a previous post:

    Really I'm just poking fun at the "Stacking" questions, since in my mind, virtually all the time you hear about a "stack" it's either marketing, or someone just looking for reasons to get amped about their supplements. I certainly don't limit myself to taking one thing at a time, and unless there's any specific "contradictions" (which there almost never is in sports supplementation; X-factor/AA and fish oil is one of the few that comes to mind - and that's really an efficacy issue, not a health issue) most things at least don't inhibit the action of other things. I honestly can't think of any supplements that have a true synergistic effect, although there probably are some; maybe something like creatine + beta alanine, as I think there were some studies on those two.

    Anyhow, in my mind, unless we're talking about AAS/PH/PS/DeS cycles vs. PCT (where some things have clear proper places in one and not in the other) if I had the $$, and could get it all into one pill/topical/drink (i.e. forgetting about the PITA it is to administer large amounts of supplements) I'd take everything all at once; why not? Hell if you could afford it, I think you could probably take every single PN and Epharm product all at once for like 3 months (if you could get around not having enough skin for all the topical) and see some pretty sick body comp improvements lol... after which you'd probably want to cycle off the 11-spray, but then what you'd be on at that point is a pretty decent "PCT" to which you might add very little if your "supporting" supplements already included some good bases, especially since 11-spray is so mild.

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