1-GF reviews wanted

  1. 1-GF reviews wanted

    new to the muscle building on a more serious level aside from going to the gym religiously and a buddy of mine recommended 1-GF and i wanted to know if this would be better than anavar or hemavol powder as far as lean muscle gains, any help or info is really appreciated

  2. Do you just compare all of that to a caffeine free preworkout powder (hemavol)
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  3. yeah these were just three things he suggested i
    choose from im between 1-GF or anavar and i figured i could get some insight from some of the guys on here

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    Do you just compare all of that to a caffeine free preworkout powder (hemavol)

  5. i have no idea what you are talking about
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  6. Hemavol way too hardcore for a noob. You should start hitting that anavar and I-gf IV and get back to us. Inject in jugular and leave in there when you work out. srs

  7. appreciate the info im gonna start on the igf-1 and do the injections through fat cells or inter-muscular (via biceps, calf, etc) but ill get back on here and post my results


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