Elevated estrogen production

  1. Elevated estrogen production

    Hello everyone. Newbie here, I'm writing this for my girlfriend. She's reach a plateau with loosing weight. She train 4 to 5 times a week, cardio and pumping Iron. She is 41 and want to lose more weight. (5,5 and 159lbs) (She can lose 15 to 20 pounds). She train very hard and we eat clean 6 days a week. She went to past some blood test because we have try so many things and nothing works. (High protein diet, more cardio, less time between set, high rep, and some fat loss pills). Blood test comeback with a result of producing more estrogen than normal. Doctor said there is not much to do about it. Trainer and naturopath suggest trying Adrenasmart by LORNA VANDERHAEGHE and a local product call estro control to reduce estrogen production. After 3 mounth, No result, no fat lost.
    Any suggestion, Mr Patrick?
    (Hope it was the right place to ask this post).
    Thanks for my girl friend
    p.s; sorry for my English writing, I'm french speaking.

  2. Her estrogen is still high?
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  3. Yes, still high, and she'is training very hard and as I write we eat clean 6 day a week. Good breakfest,Egg white, she eat walnut or greek yogourt at 10 with fruit, chicken and salad for dinner, protein shake around 2 just before training. Protein meal around 5pm with vegetable and around 8pm, Greek yogourt with fruit just before bedtime.Cheat meal on week-end are not so bad, we eat like Vietnamese food or Sushis, sometime a glass of wine. She take Multi Vitamin, Omega 3, Vegegreen caps, 1000iu vitamin D. It's sad because she's doing so much work with no many result. The objective is not to be a fitness Model but to lose the excess weight around here belly and maybe one day see her habs hidding! By the way, She never give birth.
    Thanks for taking the time.

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