PA minocycline and anabolics

  1. PA minocycline and anabolics


    I have bad back acne to begin with. Starting a androhard/trenavar stack shortly. Dermatologist today prescribed me minocycline for my bacne. I was worried about interactions and liver enzymes. Found an interesting study pasted below. So my questions really are; safe to take mino while on cycle? And also, what are your thoughts on the following abstract...

    The uptake of two androgen substrates by cultured fibroblasts and the anabolic response of homogenates of cultured gingival fibroblasts to minocycline were investigated. Monolayer cultures of confluent fibroblasts were incubated with [14C]testosterone/[14C]4-androstenedione for timed intervals in the presence or absence of optimal concentrations of minocycline. The intracellular uptake of androgens was quantified by radio-isotope counts on cell digests. Confluent gingival fibroblasts were homogenized by snap freezing/rapid thawing and duplicate incubations were made in phosphate-buffered saline (pH 6.5) with radiolabelled androgens, in the presence or absence of minocycline, for 24 h. At the end of the incubation period the buffer was extracted for radioactive metabolites, analysed and quantified with a radio-isotope scanner. There were 30% increases in the uptake of androgen substrates in the presence of minocycline (n=3; p < 0.01; one-way ANOVA). With the metabolic studies there were 2-3-fold increases in the formation of dihydrotestosterone from [14C]testosterone and [14C]4-androstenedione, respectively (n=4; p < 0.001; one-way ANOVA), and 4-fold/2-fold increases in the formation of 4-androstenedione/ testosterone from these substrates (n=4; p < 0.001) in response to an optimal concentration of 20 microg/ml of minocycline, compared with control incubations. The presence of minocycline in the incubate significantly increased the activity of the steroid-metabolizing enzymes. This increase might result from increased intracellular availability of steroid substrate and enhanced metabolic activity. Homogenates of cultured gingival fibroblasts are a useful model for studying the anabolic potential of minocycline in gingiva, using C19 steroid substrates.


  2. I have no idea what significance that property of minocycline might have on your response to your cycle in the real world. I dont think the stuff you are taking is stuff that can be 5 alpha reduced anyway,.

    The liver issue is something you may wanna watch i dunno offhand how toxic that antibitotic is to the liver.

    i am sorry i dont have any definitive answers for you, but its a good thing that you are conscientious enough to pose these questions Featured Author

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