1. Lethargy?

    PA, what is the reason for some PH/DS causing the lethargy? What mechanisms in the synthesis of the compound bring this about?
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  2. first of all, its not estrogen depletion.

    it could be many things. liver stress, thyroid hormone suppression, adrenal suppression, direct effects in the brain.....

    no clear answers i am afraid.
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  3. My point of interest is with 1-AD. This compound seems very mild as far as it's stress on the body but seems to produce a great amount of lethargy. I just have a tough time grasping what this compound affects to create this. Thanks for the answer.
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  4. Maybe it crushes cortisol
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  5. Wow, i'd be interested to know as well.

    Upstream hormone suppression? This would really depend on WHAT hormone you are taking and how YOUR body reacts and choosing what hormones are "rebalanced" on the upstream though. I guess they say the stronger the compound the more effects you get. Basically, it takes away from other things hormonally as time progresses.
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  6. thyroid hormone disruptions from AAS have been documented
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