Thoughts on pulsing oral PH/DS

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  1. I came off injury where I stopped working out for 6 months (tears in both wrists due to reverse grip pull down for tri and couldn't even drive without pain in my wrists, being old and not flexible sucks). I dropped In weight alot. I did 10 week epi pulse every other day and gained 16lbs. it may sound great, but it is mainly size I lost. strength went up, weight went up. gained little fat sadly, but nothing major really.

    Stared using osta during weeks 9-10 and post cycle, been 5 weeks so far. weight went up about 3-4 lbs and strength finally started to taper off. will run osta for another week or two. the major side of osta is loss of libido. I don't "feel" shutdown, but with no libido, makes me think I am.

    I will be running AnaBeta after osta for a month or two. I would like to see what it does after this cycle.

    After that, I want to cut. Still trying to decide on a cut. thinking of pulse Epi with 11-oxo daily for 10 weeks, Epi and Furuza (no idea why it is considered cutting compound, I haven't seen anything showing impact on fat storage), or running all 3 with lower dose of 11-oxo amd Furuza. I am also keeping an eye on Ursobolic, hopefully by that time more feedback will be out.

  2. lol, magic shaving powder eh? that must of been interesting.

    different strokes for different folks!
  3. Amino Acids & other Supplements beneficial, during the cycle?

    Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    totally understand, my father is from a different generation than you, he's 54, and shaves his chest/arms/legs. it must of skipped a generation.
    or maybe it's a bodybuilder thing that non budybuilders dont get.
    but if your wife likes it, hey, happy wife, happy life. just no more result pics, please!

    oh, and hd is active, it wont bind as stongly to the ar as turinabol, but it can.
    w/e does convert will be very little, if any at all.

    I have a question for you as I think you should be more of an authority to answer it for me.

    When doing a cycle of SD or HD or whatever your cycling.
    If one takes (Amino Acids such as BCAA Leucine 4:1:1 ratio) or (Creapure Creatine) or (HMB supplement) or (MSM , methylsulfonylmethane), or possibly takes all of these during a cycle.

    Are these supplements beneficial, during the cycle?
    What I’m asking is will the gains be greater if the above are taken during a cycle of whatever?
    Or are they just a waist of money to be taken during a cycle and only a quality source of protein is needed to be taken during the cycle?

    Baring of course the necessity to take Cycle Assist Supplement for your liver and blood pressure.
    “Just be advised that the above information posted is not medical advice and should only be used for fun and entertainment.”

  4. I believe they are.

    but I dont know of any data based evidence showing it is more benificial using supplements on cycle than not.

  5. Pulse cycles obviously work. I think a more interesting question is whether burst cycles do. IE Superdrol for one week a month every other month.

  6. i would not do that. SD will most likely shut you down in a week, plus a week a month most likely not give you good results since it will clear your system before second pulse

  7. my friend has some epi he said he'll give me... without a serm im so tempted to pulse... just not sure if i can pull the trigger (without a serm)

  8. I am currently on a pulse and I am in week 2. I am using 40mg Epistane first thing in the morning on my off days. At night before bed I am using Sustain Alpha and Testforce-2. My testicles haven't shrunk a bit, and I am normally prone to that side effect. Actually they seem bigger, which is probably to the SA and TF. So far it feels great
    Check my AnaBeta, Erase and DAA log at:


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