Betaplaxin ?

  1. Betaplaxin ?

    Has anyone tried this stuff? It claims to be a testosterone booster and aids in protein synthesis. Sounds good, but i don't want to waste my time if its not good to go.

  2. Betaplaxin Good To Go

    Tried it. Loved it. GTG. PM me with your source.

  3. I googled it...umm..does anyone sell it? Lol

  4. i dont have a source. it was tossed to me at the gym. cant find anything on it at all. just me askin about it. ill run it for a few and see what happens. Hey doctor Dana, im postin in the wrong spot huh? no disrespect, im a noob on this site. LOL please explain your experience.
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  5. What's betaplaxin?

  6. Zaire its a test booster. Im four days in and i feel a spike in my libido. I will keep running it though as i am generally skeptical
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  7. Three weeks in and its definitely working. Full report in a few weeks
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  8. This looks like a scam. Googled the product and got to a shady looking website with three pages. I copied and pasted the product write up below. Everything about this product looks sketchy. It a proprietary blend that apparently combines effective t-boosters along with some amino acids. They don't list the full ingredient profile so you don't even know which supposed t-booster components that are name dropped comprise the bulk of the blend. There is no way to know if you are even getting effective doses of the t-booster components.


    If you are a serious lifter looking to maximize your strength, performance and gains--or you are just looking for an extra boost--then it is time to consider the NEW Betaplaxin.

    Betaplaxin--the complete, all-in-one test product that has been specially formulated for maximum oral bioavailability.

    Couples dynamic herbal extracts that facilitate a rise in testosterone with the effective anti-estrogen compound diindolylmethane.

    Comes fully equiped with a combination of liver protectants.

    Increases glycogen retention and optimizes internal hydration levels. Supports superior protein synthesis through modulation and transcription factors. Supports recoveryof the neuromuscular matrix. Provides superior results in a synergistic stack or as a standalone supplement.

    Betaplaxin-Increase the Fire

    Each serving of Betaplaxin contains effective doses of patented and proven ingredients designed to help you naturally enhance your own body's ability to produce anabolic hormone levels. Betaplaxin also includes DHT blockers and aromatase inhibitors to help your body prevent the conversion of testosterone to either estrogen or DHT. You will also receive select vasodilators to help enhance systemic circulation and deliver these ingredients where your body needs them most.

    NOW Betaplaxin contains a potent standardized extract of Eurycoma Longifolia, commonly known as Tonkat Ali or Long Jack. Clinical and non-clinical studies have shown that Long Jack extracts support male reproductive function and healthy testosterone levels. Tribulus has been included for its virility supporting effects. Betaplaxin delivers a full spectrum of amino acids.

    As well as boosting testosterone, this combination of ingredients provide enhanced libido and energy without the anxiety or insomnia that accompanies other energy supplements.


  9. doesnt list amounts on label. im feelin a little shaky today and ive been sweating alot and its cold here. I havent gained any weight, but i have been trying to cut anyway. so at this time i guess my definitely working statement could be attributed to a spiked bottle or the placebo effect. will keep posting as i go but this bottle is almost gone.
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