What is too much!

  1. What is too much!

    I was wondering is there such a thing as too much? Too many vitamins and supplements? Today I take the following the ams Anabolic growth kit andro1, decaval, and 4ad drink whey protein with extra glutamine and creatine also I take fish oil, raspberry ketones, cla, garlic, multi, calcium, coq10, osteo biflex, plus bcaa drink while working out. All I do is workout read about training or diets and go to my 9 to 5 that's about it. Is this an obsession or what? Is this common? Would love some opinions and comments.

  2. It is an obsession but in order to be successful I think you have to be obsessed with this lifestyle.

  3. I love it

  4. It's not an obsession, it's dedication. to a cause. i t takes passion and an iron will!

    also, I'm the same way.

  5. If you get checkups and cycle **** properly and obviously are intaking enough water to flush your system and eating healthy... The great thing about this forum is letting people know your stack as there are plenty of people who can tell you if there are redundancies in your stack or possibly going overboard on something detrimental. I've had some massive stacks before but fighting genetics to better yourself physically is addictive but honestly its my therapy its what keeps me stable

  6. i wouldnt say too much. but some of those probly arnt needed. for example, if youre bulking, i doubt you need calcium unless your bulk without milk. gsame goes for glutamine. coq10 probly isnt needed unless youre either on cycle, or if you have bp problems.

    you can still be dedicated without having to buy every supplement you hear about. its definately plenty to know the supplements though because unfortunately the truth is that 95% of supplements out there are pretty much ****in useless

  7. Hey man do you have any comments about Testagen Testostherone?

  8. I've never tried it


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