Continuous flare ups.

  1. Continuous flare ups.

    Hi there,

    I've got a problem that really is starting to annoy me, basically, whenever I run something that even slightly alters my hormones (as in natural test boosters, not prohormones/steroids) I get a massive 'gyno' flare up as in puffy nipples / visible lump yet when I'm not running anything they're completely fine with no lumps at all.

    Even running Triazole (AI) or Mucuna Pruriens solo does not help my issue and results in the same issue, when everything should suggest that it should reduce estrogen/prolactin and help the cause.

    Do you have any idea as to why this is the case? Is it just a case of high aromatase activity in the breast area and making sure I steer away from such products?

  2. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about your case to offer you good advice here.

    What I can say is that sometimes aromatase gets all the blame and it may be simply that you are an unfortunate soul who has expressivity of ER in the breast tissue. That said, it may be more appropriate to set your aims at a SERM instead of an AI. It's also possible that you are not experiencing gyno at all - despite the suggestion (I know).

    Mucuna pruriens will not "help" gyno either in the setting that you are truly aromatizing high amounts of testosterone into estrogen (i.e.: you are too fat to use anabolic/ergogenic aids at this time, etc...). I am going to guess you do not have pre- and post-lab work; am I correct in this assumption?

    Triazole will not "help" gyno in the setting of increased ER (necessarily) if the truly postulated AI-activity is forefront. This is not to suggest you are without hope ... I just don't have all the data required to understand the case.

    What cycles have you run? What kind of timeframes? What symptoms did you experience? What were you trying to accomplish? What is your current level of BF? Do you have any labwork whatsoever?

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  3. I wanted to expand on why I was curious above about pre- and post- labwork in case unclear. Sometimes - if estradiol (E2) / estrone (E1) levels are low pre and high post; one might assume an AI be indicated (this is dependent upon concordant testosterone increases peri-cycle and concordant Free Test increase/Total Test decreases as a cycle progresses and is also hard to have an insurance company that would agree with said protocol - so we are usually talking out-of-pocket expense that may persons aren't amicable to). If pre- and post- E2/E1 levels are high, one may suggest starting with a SERM.

    This is also needed in the setting of understanding the need for LH-mimeticism, although I am of the impression that all cycles would require some degree of this (read: hCG and - unproven DAA, keeping in mind that the latter IS associated with increased Prolactin long-term as has been discussed in full within the confines of this sub-forum).

    Prolactin at baseline and post- might cue in mucuna, but that's a hard sell to suggest and I do not think this should be implicated - rather one of the aforementioned routes; but again - more info is needed in that setting.

    There are places for you to obtain bloodwork at your own request (i.e. - privatemdlabs, et al...) without the assistance of a cooperative physician (although doing so and attempting self-interpretation is obviously at your own risk). [My company does do this as a private service - with an unfortunate but also necessary due to high-level demand, yet nominal, fee - keeping in mind there is a liability issue as well as time-comittment here and the intent of pre-/peri-/post-bloodwork interpretation comes at the cost of a signed contract re: rationale for increased rapport with your own SELF-EXAMINING physician; I also ask that lipid panels be drawn pre- and post- bloodwork regarding androgenic substrate potential for ALL participants].

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