Stano Alone?

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    Stano Alone?

    Dr. D,

    Do you think it is worth it to run Stanza Pro(3, 2-c pyrazole-5 alpha- etioallocholane-17b-tetrahydropyranol) by itself on a "pulse" cycle for the purpose of cutting/mild strength gains? If so, how would you run it?

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    I am afraid that people may have me confused with another guy ("Dr.D" and I are not one and the same). I am unsure he'd like his name broadcast as I figure people avoid putting there actually name out there for a reason; but his last name starts with a "D" and while I have spoken with him in the past and we actually have a pretty good rapport with one another...this does not mean I support all of his protocols - unfortunately, so-called "pulsing" is one of them that I do not. It does not leave you endocrinologically-sound so I think we should restrict (if going to embark on such a cascade as "cycling" at all...) it to the old-fashioned way - with perhaps some modifications like LH-mimeticism, et al...

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