Androhard V3 and effect on Human Heart - pls help

  1. Question Androhard V3 and effect on Human Heart - pls help

    Hey D,

    ive posted this on the PP boards too- but maybe you can give me a better insight on this:

    im thinking about to use Androhard V3 for the first time.

    So we know that Androhard has a most likely a pure androgenic effect - cause of the Androgens in there =). Is that right !?

    its proven that androgens have a hypertrophic effect on the human heart:
    Androgen Receptors Mediate Hypertrophy in Cardiac Myocytes

    in the end, its right when i say that Androhard V3 will have a hypertrophic effect on my Heart !?

    Pls share your toughts about this.

    Thank you very much!


  2. Interested in this too. Not sure what the effects of large DHT supplementation is on the heart. Any thoughts, doc?

  3. Interested

    Are you going to log androhard here? I'm interested in it but the price is driving me away. I can get a full ph cycle for the price of just androhard lol

  4. I just did a quick 3.5 week cut on AH v3. It works great, def hardened me up with a moderate strength increase. Still have 90 pills left, but not sure if I'm going to take the rest....decision pending on the doc's feedback (lol), as I have cycled AH 3 times already.

  5. I'd be more interested on how it effects the monkey heart.

  6. Working on an off-line response to this.

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