Warrior Diet discussion

  1. Warrior Diet discussion

    Doc, I know I have read in a thread somewhere how you detest the whole IF or warrior diet fad going nowadays. Just from my experience and lots of reading on many forums, blogs, logs, etc that it seems to work for lots of people. Obviously you will not add tons of mass with this kind of diet, but many have reported significant weightloss while maintaining LBM.

    I have ran the warrior diet (2-3 small meals throughout the day consisting of whey + berries) and have had pretty good success with it myself. I would like to hear your thoughts (pros and cons) on this type of eating scheme.

    Here is a post from a very well-respected guy (Wes Silveira) in the nutrition/training...owner of ironaddicts, who passed away over a year ago.

    I am doing a diet that violates a very large percentage of my firm beliefs about dieting and especially about dieting for the weight trainee. My reasons for doing the diet will in no way be reflected by the average trainee. But here is my rational for doing the diet.

    1. After 20+ years of force feeding myself, and 10 years prior to that of doing a "bodybuilding diet" albeit on "not enough food" I am quite frankly tired of eating so much. At 3 weeks away from my 47th birthday things slow down, but my metabolism is still fast...
    2. My umbilical hernia recently tore some more and walking around bloated bothers it and me.
    3. Muscle mass is simply not a big priority at this stage in my life and conditioning is being given a priority.
    4. I am as always, extremely eager to try new techniques--if only to say I have tried it.
    5. SOME of the theory behind the "Warrior Diet" makes a lot of sense, even though Ori is WAY off on some of the science.
    6. Charles Poliquin has some very wacky ideas on diet and training, but speaks highly or Ori Hofmekler and his dieting theories, and sometimes, the wacky ideas are just that--sometimes they are genious.
    7. I am of course tweaking it to see if I can make it better--and that is always fun and thought provoking

    The basic premise of the diet is an underfeeding portion of the day (20 hours) followed by an overfeeding stage 4 hours--at night of all times--when traditional dogma says we are most likely to get fat. Ori's ideas stem from research of ancient warriors that were on the move all day and feasted at night. Did they really do this, and were they really lean and healthy? And does this transfer at all to the weight trainee? Ori says yes.
    I will say it is HIGHLY unlikely a competitive level physique could ever be built on this diet, but a lean athletic one could. Ori is in his 50's and stays at about 6% bodyfat year round. His weight training suggestions are NOT good bodybuilding suggestions, but good overall conditioning. Needless to say I will be doing my own thing in the gym--injuries permitting.You are supposed to eat either just veggies and LIGHT fruits like LOW GI berries during the day, or veggies and light protein. I am doing EAA's and BCAA's and 1/2 casein, and veggies or berries during the day. At your main meal (the overfeeding portion) you are allowed to eat as much as you want, but no junk food other than occasionally. So far for me it has been a salad first, then 8-12 ounces of steak, a serving of protein powder, then a couple of cups of rice. Then anything else that sounds good. Sometimes a few slices of bread. For me, ice cream after that a couple times a week.

    How is it working? The first week I was hungry as hell all day, but aside from the hunger, felt great. I am done with the second week and hunger is fine except for two short periods in the day, once in the afternoon, and once again before the main meal. This will take some tweaking as I am loosing fat too fast. Because of injuries training has been spotty, but days I have lifted performance is fine.
    The diet allows PWO nutrition. Ori gives stupidly low numbers that I ignored. Like a refeed of 10-30 grams of carbs and 10-30 grams protein.
    I do 10 grams EAA's pre-workout, 30 grams BCAA's during, and 50-60 grams waxy, and 50 grams casein PWO. I also take in small quantities of EFA's during the day--not something Ori reccomends even though he recommends everyone take good quanties of EFA's, he recommends they are taken at the nightly feast

    I am still getting 250-275 grams of protein on a non-training day, and about 300 grams on a training day. calories overall are 2600-2750 on a non-training day, and 3000-3200 on a training day--especially if it is an ice cream day

    Best of all zero bloat all day and I feel better than when on a keto. Energy levels and motivation are great--this is largely because the sympathetic nervous system is going full force on the undereating stage.

    It is a cool experiment, but I know most people would just be dying of hunger. When I get hungry, I take the same attitude I do when I am in pain--I ignore it. Not something most people have the capacity to do.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by msucurt View Post
    I have ran the warrior diet (2-3 small meals throughout the day consisting of whey + berries) and have had pretty good success with it myself. I would like to hear your thoughts (pros and cons) on this type of eating scheme.
    Pretty interesting concept, are these meals Power Shakes ala Berardi? Some protein, some berries and then protein powder, usually with no flavoring. It will be interesting to put a handful of green leafy vegetables like spinach and even a serving of one of those greens superfood powders.


  3. I'm curious to know the doc's views on IF and WD for performance, not for body composition.

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