Bcaa & cla

  1. Bcaa & cla


    Just needed a bit of guidance please guys.

    I've just bought some BCAA's and CLA and a little confused about the times they should be taken. I was following 'bob Parkers routine'. Some Aid to body fat reduction and muscle promotion.

    I know BCAAs should be taken pre & post workout. Is it okay to still take my post whey?

    And when should I be taking CLA? Because I recently read a post about how fats and fibres shouldn't be combined

    Appreciate your responses in advance


  2. i take bcaas after workout and before bed. and i take cla breakfast, lunch, dinner

  3. Quote Originally Posted by gregg1494 View Post
    i take bcaas after workout and before bed. and i take cla breakfast, lunch, dinner
    I have always only taken it preworkout or between meals if there is a significant gap while cutting.
    whats your reasoning behind taking it post workout vs standard protein powder post? also why BCAA's before bed as opposed to protein?
    BCAA's are a lil pricey if added to a daily regiment, I try to use them sparingly. How many grams do you take at a time? I generally do about a 10g dose of an 8:1:1 leucine ratio.

  4. I maintain that for maximum muscle protein synthesis; leucine (alone) should constitute 25% of your total amino acid pool. Otherwise, supplement with protein (complete) and nothing more - it is silly all this pushing of combos and frankly unnecessary.

    As for CLA, I have weight-specific recommendations that some find cost-prohibitory on my fatty acid thread; posted in this very forum from a few years back. I maintain the position and sentiment on all fatty acid dosing even today.

    That said, fiber can sometimes inhibit absorption of concurrently ingested macros like pertinent fats; so if it is your highest-ranked fiber-containing meal...maybe specialty fats would serve best purpose elsewhere in your diet.

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