omeprazole and mineral absorption?

  1. any ideas?

  2. I am unsure what kind of ideas you are looking for here.

    A proton pump inhibitor (PPI), like omeprazole (Nexium), or Prilosec, or Zegerid, or Protonix will, in fact, have some absorption issues. Vitamin B12 is a much bigger issue in absorption coupled with a PPI than are minerals due to acid requirements for Intrinsic Factor complex coupling. People will use them freely though unfortunately.

    At the same time, you can alter your mineral intake (at a different time of the day - minimum 6-8 hours apart from a PPI) to gain better absorption while on your medication course. That's not to say you won't get any absorption issues still. You just have to understand the pharmacokinetics: The elimination half-life of PPIs ranges from 0.5–2 hours, however the effect of a single dose on acid secretion usually persists up to 2–3 days. This is because of accumulation of the drug in parietal cell canaliculi and the irreversible nature of proton pump inhibition.

    Mind you, you should NOT use them continuously unless you have some documented case of Peptic Ulcer Disease. Otherwise, they should only be used for a brief period (defined as 14 days or less) and at a duration NO LONGER than 3 times per year. That would be - at its MAX - 42 days out of a 365-day year if you were considering 3 two-week cycles per year. If your doctor has not documented Peptic Ulcer Disease but yet has assigned you to a PPI for longer than this timeframe, it may be time to re-consider your physician choice. If you are self-medicating as there are so many of these things OTC now-a-days, then seek the help of a qualified healthcare professional.

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  3. Thanks D but I not use it my wife has a Hiatal Hernia and was prescribed with omeprazole.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by MAxximal View Post
    Thanks D but I not use it my wife has a Hiatal Hernia and was prescribed with omeprazole.
    How long has she used it?

    Even hiatal hernia isn't really an indication for lifelong use. If her doctor does not revisit this, we know one is for sure...fracture risk goes up with longer than a 2-year usage and moreso with > 4 years (likely secondary to calcium absorption issues); but long-term use has failed to produce studies of support.

    I am convinced that surgical correction of hiatal hernias play a bigger role in long-term therapy though there is a dearth of literature in either direction.

    Does she supplement with any kind of mineral supplements?

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