DAA and/or Carnitine's if you experience seizure-like

  1. DAA and/or Carnitine's if you experience seizure-like

    symptoms. Myoclonus and Hypnic Jerks.

    I don't experience them everyday but I notice when I go out for my daily run during my work hour and come back to work usually drained I experience myoclonus, My leg would jerk once or twice at most, then at night at times I get hypnic jerks.

    This started happening to me recently. From stress and combination of working out without breathing properly i got labyrinthitis, been recovering and im not dizzy anymore i just have tinnitus

    I have taken Body Octane, Plcar, Ultima, Lit Up before my labyrinthitis with no issues.

    I was taking Lit-Up at times when I worked out during my labyrinthitis,

    since I started experiencing these jerks I did my Googling and read that Carnitine's can increase seizure frequencies, im just wondering if they mean myoclonus and hypnic like seizures or seizures that are far more severe..

    If i never Googled bout the jerks I probably would be using a DAA and/or Carnitine and not even think about it but now my mind playing tricks on me and has me hesitant to take anything that may increase seizures..

    In other words, am I crazy or im cautious with reason

    thank u

  2. I have done a brain MRI and was cleared of anything if that matters for anything.

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