Statins and 6-bromo

  1. Statins and 6-bromo

    Theoreticly,what kind of a damage would higher dose of 6-bromo and red yeast rice(with statins) cause on liver?

  2. Well...we need to examine the rationale of using Red Yeast Rice in the first place (which I think is a terrible consideration for bodybuilders btw, if not for all) rather than play hypotheticals IMO.

    Now, most interventions from a standpoint of dyslipidemia are reflective of a finite period of time (i.e. - post-cycle), etc... Which I anticipate are part of your regimen give the use of 6-Bromo.

    But - are statins or their potential equivalent even useful in the post-cycle period; a time when your primary consideration should be regaining control of the HPGA (if you prefer to use HPTA, so be it). Statins/RYR do NOT allow for adequate recovery of the axis at fact, they are more of a detriment in regaining control of testosterone baseline and as such, they most likely should be avoided - especially in the scenario of allowing adequate recovery and time off before additional consideration of a follow-up cycle.

    Now, putting RYR in the statin class (as your title of the thread suggests) is a difficult one for me given the high-level of variability in monocolin concentration seen with various preparations and I think this is usually a supply-side effect. That said - companies of the sport supplement sector that continue to promote the use of said offering are doing so in a VERY blatant disregard for your health on many levels.

    An example:

    So - how to approach peri-cycle dyslipidemia?

    Well, my favored approach actually involves combination of the following agents: 1) Niacin, 2) O3 FAs, 3) HMB (yes, HMB), and 4) Pantothenic Acid.

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  3. Thank you DR.D i appeciate for you taking the time to answer.
    My consearn raised when i read a post from you on another forum about mixing 6-bromo and RYR.
    The version of RYR i was using was effective so i assumed it had statins on it.
    Also many times i've used it with 6-bromo.
    Guaranteed i will not use RYR anymore but i'm consearned about from mixing them in the past many times and using high doses of 6-bromo.
    At what doses would you recommend those 4 agents?

  4. And what is 03 FAs?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by lmessi View Post
    And what is 03 FAs?
    omega 3 fatty acids most likely

  6. Thats it,thanks!


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