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    There is a superb CoQ10 product at Walmart for 28 bucks called 'Qunol' and it lasts a month at 400mg per day. I'm staring at it right now It contains MCTs, hydroxylated lecithin, and some other compounds to increase absorption. 28 bucks a month for a whopping dose to prevent heart issues, stabilize blood pressure, help prevent heart attacks, provide better oxygen utilization and superior anti-ox capacity... Money well spent!

    Thank you Dr. Houser for sharing the dosage info. I have been taking 600mg per day while reducing some medication (Librium) to help prevent spikes in blood pressure and strain on the heart and now I can have my dosage verified by a doctor.
    I know I'm quoting myself from an old post, but I ran out about 10 days ago or maybe 14? and I notice major differences. I am honestly buying it tomorrow and jumping back on it.

    Dr. Hauser, are there benefits as far as taking ubiquinol and idebenone together? I keep reading about idebenone having a more pronounced effect on the brain whereas ubiquinol is more for the heart and other tissue, though I do notice a big difference as far as mood while on ubiquinol. I have some expired coQ10 zipmelts that I am loading up on to get it back in my system and into my organs again. Can you please share more knowledge on your advice for dosing idebenone and any synergy with the two? Any comprehensive information would be much appreciated.

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    I highly, highly doubt it. It's fat soluble and will remain in your system a little while after you stop taking it.
    I was wrong. Idebenone is fat soluble. My bad. I do think that once coQ10 is saturated in the body, that once daily dosing should be fine unless you are taking a very large dose and want to divide it amongst your first 2 meals to avoid any possible sleep disturbances.

  3. I am going to update my own case. I have a strong family history of high BP (both parents; all 4 grandparents).

    I didn't have high BP unless on nandralone species PH/PS/AAS. I have sworn off all ergogenics of the anabolic variety for the past few years and somehow found myself creeping up into the pre-HTN / Stage I HTN class. Two months ago, my average systolic BP was about 138-142 mmHg before CoQ10. I month ago, my average systolic BP was about 128-134 mmHg. Today's BP was 116/74.

    I have started recommending CoQ10 at 200 mg (studied dose) to ALL my patients (I can't go higher than study dose in recommendation, it is not a patient's job to "experiment"); however, my experiment above was with either 800mg Ubiquinone or 400 mg Ubiquinol.

    I will comment more on this a bit later, but I did want to take a second to share this with all as I have found this to be an exceptional health value NO MATTER THE COST (ubiquinol or ubiquinone).

    D_ Featured Author

  4. Great info. I've taken either 100 mg ubiquinol or idebenone for years. High doses of either give me some crazy energy and sometimes, insomnia. I have a BP like Dinoii so I may try to up the dose of ubiquinol. It's definitely great for endurance given that I walk all day for a living.

  5. Would this dosage be any different for a teen or lower to mid 20 something?
    Always willing to learn :D

  6. Quote Originally Posted by BigRigg View Post
    Would this dosage be any different for a teen or lower to mid 20 something?
    200mg was the standard dose in studies; as such I cannot diverge much from that number in "recommendation" unfortunately. You will have to extrapolate on your own.

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  7. Should you split the dose or take it all at once?


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