Benzos and training

  1. Benzos and training

    hey doc,

    Curious to hear your opinion on occasional use of prescription benzodiazepine / benzo like drugs (ambien, lunesta) while on a cycle. Ie, Will taking a valium or klonopin 1-2x a week in the evenings have any major detrimental effects in growth/recovery, etc?

    Similar question for ambien.

    Always appreciate your knowledge/opinion. Thanks


  2. im not dana houser.. but no... benzos wont change muscle growth

    however, they do change sleep structure which could in turn, cause less than adequate recovery... resulting in less muscle gained

    but that would probably be with every day consistant dosing... 1x2 times a week isnt gunna do anything IMO
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    I've also done fasting and doseing and felt grealt anabolicness , deffint hunger but I'm stronger than that keep full and vascular and strength gose up

  3. Ambien seems to boost IGF-1 marker for hGH. Ambien acts on GABA differently then benzos. Ambien us not a benzo.

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