Arachidonic Acid

  1. Arachidonic Acid

    I would like your opinion on Arachidonic acid? Mainly, I know it works to a point, but is it worth its high cost?

  2. You know; some people would swear by it.

    I know William Llewelyn and he certainly puts the time into supportive studies and literature. If you're talking about X Factor Advaned and the trademarked "Arasyn," it seems to shy away from previous suggestion of avoiding all omega-3's and incorporates some purified fish oil, which is very important to understand because DHA (in particular, but not limited to it...EPA does this to a lesser degree as well) does attenuate (lower) endothelial Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2), which may offer a selective non-vascular inflammatory effect (which is what we want). When you couple this with Boswellia; you also get 5-lipoxygenase inhibition (5-LOX) which re-directs things down the COX pathways and centers on non-vascular ones (as I previously discussed, which was probably what lent a negative opinion of use of such a thing - at least within the medical community).

    The science makes sense and given the post-PH state out there; it's not a bad agent for some level of ergogenesis - but cost-efficiency probably depends on the individual user (macronutrient breakdown in the current diet, training level, etc...). One thing I tell clients and everyone to boot is to understand what it is you are desiring to get out of a supplement before you invest in it, but have realistic expectations at the same time. Do I think this will put 50 pounds on you during a bulk? NO Do I think this will assist all the muscle-protein catabolism involved with dieting? NO I think it's best utility comes during a low-carb diet - at least - from a physique standpoint and it wouldn't be unusual for someone to use it in that setting allowing for some staving off of muscle-loss. At the same time, there are many who report acne ("bacne") with its use - so does it impart a very positive effect on testosterone? Probably (maybe better than other fatty acids, but many omega-6 FAs will do this to some degree and I don't have data to suggest one way or the next). Does a change in testosterone necessarily mean a change in physique? Obviously not...there are, however, times where physique change is NOT quintessential to a successful run of a product (i.e. - during PCT).

    So, I don't know if I answered your question per se in all of that...BUT I would probably say, the best answer is a qualified "it depends" (on what you are asking me about trying to accomplish with use of the product). So - with that in mind, what is it you want to use it for and I will try and deliver a more direct answer?

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  3. I will go ahead and offer that he was asking about ArA in relation to hypertrophy...

  4. Thanks for your reply D, I wanted to be vague so as to see which direction you would take ArA. I really like the point about using it on a low carb diet.

    Like schizm brought up I was wondering more along the lines of muscular hypertrophy.

    I am also interested in your opinion on the combination of ArA and DAA. is there synergy?

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