1. Clonidine

    Hey Doc,

    Was just doing some reading on L-dopa : HGH release and came across some interesting data on clonidine being a pretty impressive HGH booster. Have you Amy insight on this subject? Pubmed has some studies on it. Trying to assess whether it's better than some of the products containing l-dopa for HGH release. Luckily, I have an unused clonidine script.

  2. Clonidine DOES, in fact, stimulate GH the level that it becomes an accurate test for GH hypOsecretion (or hypOpanpituitarianism). Still, using it for fat loss is probably not the best plan for a couple of reasons:

    (1) It acts as a concomitant alpha-2 adrenergic stimulant with very good binding affinity (as opposed to the agmatine/imidazoline thing that I haven't had adequate time to respond to) haulting fat loss in it's tracks.

    (2) If you use it; stopping it's use is very challenging and even with normal blood pressure you get a rebound hypERtension (high blood pressure). This is a challenge because acclimation to it's effects is easy to be had thanks to other words, your body adapts to it quickly and it causes more problems when you have to continually dose it higher and/or STOP IT abruptly.

    That said, you have to check out the peri-workout thread which does include some ideas for natural GH-stimulation throughout a 24-hour period including GABA, Niacin, and high-dose pre-bed arginine. Using that said plan with mucuna puriens (high dose) would give you about as good a boost as you're gonna get with ease of side effect potential (even if abruptly haulting it's use).

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