Daily injections

  1. Daily injections

    Was just wondering a docs input on daily test enth/prop/ etc. injections. Are you familiar with this? Do you recommend this or do you see no point? Does test need that space in between? I was thinking this would keep a steady flow, of coarse splitting up the weekly dosage to daily.

    Edit: Also not sure if this question is appropriate in section...... Im sorry if not.

  2. I can comment from a testosterone replacement standpoint. The serum shifts are quite swift and subsequently downward-trending thereafter. In other words, you get a quick boost followed by a gradual decline - namely with enanthate injections. Look at the following site:


    Find "figure 1" and see the 3 different comparisons between A. Injection (TE); B. T Patches; C. T Gel which shows how we ration which to use in the clinical world by how well it creates a steady serum state (namely the gels) but let's focus on the graph in A. You can see a bit more clear the gradual serum decline that exists at about day 4 - onward. You could possibly consider a "booster dose" (a lower dose, say at day 7, instead of the prototypical day 14 to smooth out the serum profile....keep in mind that if doing this, you would NEVER have to repeat a high order dose which would be limited to the first dose alone); but daily would result in continual supraphysiologic increases that would make you more likely prone to side effect versus anything else and also contribute to a terrible serum steady state.

    An alternative way to smooth out the curve, albeit less complete would be daily LOW-DOSE hCG injection; although this practice is very uncommon due to the sometimes prohibitive costs associated with REAL hCG.

    So, hopefully at least an indirect answer has been provided to your question. Daily injections for all salts is NOT created equal nor should it be considered as such. Injecting in that fashion could contribute to increased and unnecessary side effects. Wide swings in serum levels contribute to oxidative stress as well as rapid "highs" and "lows."

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  3. Sounds good and answers my question perfectly! thank you.

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