Cooking with specific Herbs

  1. Cooking with specific Herbs

    Hey D

    its football season.

    chili makes me fart.

    Whats the best ANTI CARMINATIVE herb i can use in there to stop that from happening aside from opening beano caps and putting them in the chili?


  2. What an odd question.

    Best-case scenario: avoid chili

    If you can't "live" without it...anise seed, cardamom, cayenne (itself), tarragon, and rosemary would likely not diminish the taste much and you could also follow it with bismuth (Pepto-Bismol) which sometimes can do the trick (even though it classically thought of as an aid for upper GI stuff).

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  3. i read cardamom was good. and can give it a good kick as well. Just wondering. I make turkey chili but i wanna add beans. thats the only thing that bothers me.

    I saw it in diners drive ins and dives and couldnt figure out the anti carminative the guy used in his sauce!

    thanks D

  4. Interesting thread. Nice info though.
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