Fareston (Toremifene) information

  1. Fareston (Toremifene) information

    Hi, I would like to know what you think of Fareston. On the web, unfortunately, there are different opinions, but all mixed. According to her, you can use Toremifene effectively, during a post-cycle recovery? She considers it more powerful or less powerful than the clomid and nolvadex?

  2. Toremifene+Testosterone recovery stack+DAA+ organ shield will always be my pct. Recovery is always much smoother for me when using this...
    You are born small and weak, you die small and weak...How you look in-between is entirely up to you...

  3. Thanks for reporting your experience pillsRgood. But I speak only to use Toremifene as post cycle recovery. Unfortunately there are a lot of information, and I can not find a Bloodwork that can prove its effectiveness.

  4. torem is nolva with a Cl attached.

    torem is show to reduce e2 slightly more then nolva (which hardly lwers it if at all). Its similar in structure and action. unfortunatly doses need to be much higher, i asume due to size of CL molecule.

    90-120mg is not uncommon.

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