Testosterone replacement therapy

  1. Testosterone replacement therapy

    If you have time, I would greatly appreciate your advice/ input.

    I am 27 years old and recently had my test levels checked as my dad had been diagnosed with low t and I have almost every symptom that seems to accompany low t. I work out 4 days a week, teach special needs elementary students. I know I stay busy, but the way I often feel does not seem normal for my age.

    I was tested at approximately 1PM a couple of weeks ago and was recently told by a urologist I was referred to that my levels were at/ around 130 for total testosterone. He had me get labs again yesterday at 7:30AM, but I have not gotten the results of that back as of yet. FH, FSH, and prolactin were all within the normal range according to the doc. He does feel that more than likely he will want me to so some form if TRT...more than likely injections. He had mentions androgel, but I am against any transdermals as I would be afraid it would transfer to my 10 month old.

    He said more than likely he would start me at 200 (cant remember the unit) for therapy and I could give them to myself after the initial.

    I hate feeling exhausted all the time, but I am hesitant to commit to anything as I am fearful as to what it could do to my fertility. My wife and I hope to conceive again next year.

    I mentioned my concerns to the doctor and he said he would have to do some research and let me know as he is not very familiar with how it could affect fertility. Do you have any information that would help/ guide me. I don't want to risk my fertility, but I'd love to get feeling better and more energized.

    Kind regards.

  2. The problem in start TRT is if you use testosterone, will decrease your levels of LH and FSH, and the FSH is the hormone that makes you mature spermatozoids. What you can use as an alternative is clomifen and tamoxifen to raise your levels of LH (to stimulate your production of testosterone) and FSH. But you need to check your levels before try it.

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