Agmatine and L-citrulline/L-citrulline DL-malate

  1. Agmatine and L-citrulline/L-citrulline DL-malate

    Hey Doc,
    I like to know what you think about using these supplements in conjunction.

  2. I think it is a fantastic idea. I'm sure Dr. Houser will touch on the Arginine -> Citrulline conversion rate and agmatine's effects on it.

  3. I think supplementation with all polyamines is a good one dependent upon the goal and appropriate concentration. Sometimes I do fear that certain proprietary supplements (even those that list doses) are underdosed and people may dismiss a certain compound's usefulness.

    In the case of conversion; polyamines all interconvert for the most part...sometimes it is quick, sometimes it is not so quick. Citrulline itself recycles into arginine and offers a more prolonged NO conversion rate. Agmatine's route back to arginine is actually MUCH slower and dependent upon many factors, but the pathway is as follows:

    Agmatine --> N-carbamylputrescine --> (putrescine) + citrulline --> arginine

    Use of all of these agents modulate different forms of NOS and at different rates (which can more completely be found in the Agmatine thread).

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  4. So in regards to timing, i've found that agmatine + carbs about 45 minutes before my workout seems to be the sweet spot. When dosing Citrulline we would need to time this much closer to the workout? Semi-empty stomach.

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