phospholipid complex

  1. phospholipid complex

    What are your thoughts on Endoamp Max? thank u

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 serving scoop = 2200mg

    Servings per container: 29

    Amount Per Serving






    Alpha SizeŽ A-GPC (alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine)

    *Daily Value

    **Daily Value not established

    Other Ingredients:Mannitol
    Version 1

  2. Well, there are actually a lot of things to talk about here.

    I will start with my overall opinion...the design looks good for ACUTE use, however, habituation with use extending greater than 4 weeks is likely and the product would likely become less effective overtime. Is it suggested as just a pre-workout item? In other words, would you take this continuously and on non-workout days?

    Phosphatidylserine is interesting as studies have been mixed on cortisol blocking ability (early studies showed lowered cortisol / more recent studies showed no effect upwards of 750-800mg); BUT you may not want to block cortisol anyway in a case of TRUE fat loss...or at least at certain times through the day ("controlled catabolism"). The results on exercise capacity is generally good, however, and whether this is more GH-mediated as opposed to cortisol is subject for debate, but that would certainly leave room for synergism with alpha-GPC. My only concern with PS, HMB, alpha-KIC, et al... is that an attenuation in creatine kinase is reflective of lowering the number of circulating cytokines and subsequent signaling or maximum muscle protein synthesis. I am NOT saying that using this agent is NOT good. In fact, quite the contrary; I am just uncertain we understand the mechanisms fully - even now - about 20 years after the first ergogenic trials, despite ad claims, et al... What I can say is that certain exercise parameters are influenced in a very positive manner and, in particular, if we are talking about cardiovascular or aerobic training - this kind of agent would prove significantly beneficial. There are also some GH benefits that look promising.

    Alpha-GPC appears to be more positive, BUT the studies are limited in number (2) and probably the result of this agent being in the infancy of use and study...period. I think the Zeigenfuss study in 2008 is what launched all the excitement here and to tell you the looked pretty good overall and probably worth your investment.

    The trickier part is that alpha-GPC takes a lot longer to "work" than does PS for the stated effects; how best to separate that out is unbeknownst to me. I think if you are going to take these acutely; then sure... But if you are going to extend use out beyond 4 weeks or so, I would probably suggest it be more beneficial to adopt a pattern of use that approximates micro-cycling to avoid habituation.

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