The Alcohol Thread

  1. The Alcohol Thread

    More and more people in their twenties and thirties are being treated for alcohol-related liver disease, a condition which was previously almost exclusive to the middle-aged and elderly. The toll among women is rising faster than among men, but that's no reason to feel at all smug as, according to the World Health Organization, the UK's level of drink-related disease is twicfe the worldwide average.

    If there was a debate today on the potential for alcohol to be illegal, it is so dangerous in terms of the damage it causes to people and society, it would never get passed. The only thing in its favor is the strong lobbying power in Washington, DC.


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  2. It seems to be the way most things in Washington work. If congress really cared, Alcohol and tobacco would be illegal and perhaps marijuana would be legal. I have a family history of alcoholism so Ive tried to be congizent of my addictive personality as Ive gotten older. I could have easily been classified as an alcoholic throughout high school and college but with that demographic its essentially accepted and celebrated. There was usually one day a week I wouldnt drink to excess during those years. I dont think that congress should ban alcohol, i think people just need to be smarter about the choices they make. Often times its easier for something to be outlawed than for people to make informed decisions. A great example is the debate over these "fat" taxes.

  3. It is a slippery slope deciding when any governmental body should step in to protect people from their own choices. Hypothetically, if alcohol was to become illegal, its not going to stop them from drinking. Hell, I don't partake of marijuana but I would bet my salary that it would take me less than two hours to find some.

  4. Also of note, there is at least one study I have seen regarding taurine and its ability to actually reverse alcohol related liver damage. I do not remember the dosage used.

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