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    do you have any experience and/or opinion on creatinol-o-phosphate?

  2. Also curious

  3. I love the compound actually; At the end of the day, I am still in medicine and I actually like it in my cardiac patients (not kidding). I do combine it with some other things which I am unable to put up on here because it maybe construed I suggest this to treat a disease, BUT, I mention it because I am illustrating a point - that I trust it in my VERY sick players in the clinical world (that should say a lot about personal experience).

    I mean I was really excited when it came to market for a different reason than most of what you guys want it for...

    Arzneimittelforschung. 1979;29(9a):1449-52.
    Pharmacological and toxicological properties of creatinol O-phosphate. A review.

    Marzo A, Ghirardi P.

    N-Methyl-N-(beta-hydroxyethyl)guanidine O-phosphate (creatinol O-phosphate, COP) has proved to possess anti-ischemic and anti-arrhythmic activities associated with improved ionic balance and heart performance. These activities, which have also been shown in clinical studies, are more evident in pharmacological and clinical conditions involving a hypoxic damage of the heart muscle. Pharmacokinetic studies have shown that absorption of COP administered i.m. is complete. COP is distributed in all organs, and in particular, in the kidney, liver and myocardium. After being dephosphorylated, this drug is eliminated with urine. Dephosphorylation of COP occurs in the kidney and liver. COP crosses the membrane of the myocardial cell, concentrating in the cytosoluble fraction. The results of the toxicological studies confirm that COP has no side effects, is excellently tolerated and has a favourable therapeutic index.

    PMID: 395957 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

    I know it's no New England Journal (ha!), but I just love it in a cardiac-style tonic. BUT, I just couldn't resist because at the end of the day...there is absolutely NO negative I can find...maybe I haven't looked hard enough, I am unsure, is a good product for a lot of reasons.

    Now, I hope the improvements in cardiac contractility and so forth make everyone see it's potential ergogenic effects. I was excited when Patrick Arnold told me about his company's version on a recent trip to California working on a joint venture:

    BRAND NEW: Effervescent COP

    I may switch a lot of my people over to his product actually as I do think his products are, for all intensive purposes,...unmatched. Take that as a true UNPAID endorsement. I just know what goes into the thinking behind a lot of his stuff having interacted with him directly and we are much alike in our desires to push advancement of the industry; advancement of ingredient; advancement of sheer effective/worthwhile product. There are a lot of people in this industry whom may seem to know a lot of stuff when it comes to typing it on a computer...he and I have been able to discuss items face-to-face that would probably get even the hardest-core science nerd all hot and bothered.

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  4. What dosing regimen would you believe would work for lifters?

  5. Well; the data is lacking in this area; at least from an ORAL standpoint...but given 60% oral bioavailability and it's intracellular H+-buffering likely most important to lifters like a beta-alanine probably lends itself to about 2-6 grams (recalling that study dose through IV went up to a bit over 3 grams; you're absorbing about half - little more and there is an acute tolerance that develops with taking it - so it DOES need to be cycled if an ergogenic effect is to be had); depedent upon volume of distribution (how big a person we are talking about that's taking the ingredient).

    Some people say divide it into smaller doses across the day; but the only reason I would say to do that would be if you have gastrointestinal distress as a result of it (from an osmotic standpoint; this will pull water from the large intestine, like creatine or any other big molecule for that matter which could also dehydrate a bit if you're not upping the fluids a hair).

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