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    Wow - interesting that you still went to IUI. What reasoning did you have to not expect spontaneous insemination with these numbers? I don't know that IUI added a lot of value to this equation (compared with spontaneous). Of course, fertility people might tell you different but success rates with IUI are something to yawn at in most instances IMO.

    In certain cases IUI's may help improve pregnancy as opposed to IC, I.E. viscous cervical mucus / seminal plasma, gels/debris, leukocytes, agglutination/clumping....which would all be washed allowing for a more concentrated sample to be inseminated.

    Simply based on my experience, as I've had patients come in with samples that would predictably never lead to a spontaneous pregnancy outcome, and had success. I do agree though, with his numbers it would have been hard to justify IUI's, the only other thng I can believe is it may have been on his partners end, malformed uterus, endometriosis, cerv stenosis, etc. etc.? I am assuming its not PCOS or something hormonally related cause that would be spotted in her initial BW evals. I'd like to believe they didnt do it just for the $$...maybe that's just wishful/naive thinking on my part heh

  2. Good thread,bump for us who want kids.I actually wanted one last night,did the deed, and hope all is good. Ive been taking mucuna myself,my loads are pretty heavy compared to prior loads. Im just worried about the additive titanium dioxide in my vitamins. but then ,I eat really clean as does my wife.



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