The "Silent Killer" ... Hypertension

  1. The "Silent Killer" ... Hypertension

    Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a growing problem among North Americans. Most often there are no symptoms, and 30% of affected people don't even realize they have elevated pressure until their doctor diagnoses it. Hypertension significantly increases the risk for fatal heart attacks, strokes, heart failure and kidney disease. If you haven't been taking regular readings to keep track of your blood pressure, start NOW.

    A so-called "normal" blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg or less. Even if you don't have hypertension, your regular numbers will be useful as a baseline for future readings.

    This will serve as a thread for all discussions of anything blood pressure.

    Real-life Example Question:

    Q: Doc,
    Do you think ACEI are good or bad for body composition? I've read both, but more seem to think it hurts muscle growth.

    A: Well, ACE inhibitors are great for blood sugar assimilation and for most, glycemic regulation is truly the pinnacle of body composition. Dr. Houser has not run into too many patients gaining any precipitous weight or fat mass while on ACE inhibitors and he suggested he would think they were one of the safer blood pressure meds on body comp (some beta-blockers and especially thiazide diuretics are HORRENDOUS for body composition).

    Keep in mind, drugs are not necessary in isolation. According to a study in the journal Phytomedicine, olive leaf extract is as effective at lowering blood pressure as some hypertension medications. The researchers compared 12.5mg twice daily of Captopril (an example of an ACE inhibitor) versus 500 mg twice daily of Olive Leaf extract. Both groups had lowered blood pressure in a similar fashion, BUT the olive leaf group dumped triglycerides (again, a true marker of glycemic variation - see above).

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  2. could you touch on 'normal' blood pressure a bit more.... mine has been high-normal for years (depending on what i have going on, usually in the mid-upper 120's over mid-upper 70's, although in particularly stressful times it reads higher), but the doctor has never put me on medication . at one point it was at 145/90 which he wanted to watch, and eventually came down to the 130's/80's which he said is his 'cutoff' point for prescribing medicine for it, and just said we should keep an eye on it. it has since come down further with watching my sodium and doing cardio (im currently trying to bulk, so no cardio and many foods with higher sodium, which may account for my recent increase in BP)

    ive heard that a BP of around 138 systolic isn't much different than one in the low 120's, is there any truth to this?

    also, with regards to pharmacy/grocery store blood pressure machines, how much emphasis should i put on that reading? i know many people say they arent accurate (but good for having an idea of your bp's overall trend), but do they often read high or low? just earlier i was at the grocery store and got reading 1. of 142/88 and reading 2. of 138/82, and the lady in the pharmacy said it usually reads correctly (thats a bit high for me) so i decided to go to my other pharmacy where i usually have it checked and it read 153/90 first read, and 128/80 for the second... basically... how much faith should i put in these? i dont go to the doctor unless i have to, i believe last time i went it was 119/75 on the first reading (usually its 20+ points higher the first reading, until i relax a little) so obviously the doctor didnt say anything about it, but i still would like to keep an eye on it but want readings that i can rely on.

    also, if there were just one natural herb for lowering BP that you would recommend, what would it be? it seems like hawthorn berry is everyones go-to, but ive also heard of other herbs that some say are even better.

  3. In for info.
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  4. Where I live I have found that the pharmacy machines, while not 100% accurate, are not too far off the mark.

    For lowering BP naturally, anecdotally speaking, 2 or more grams of taurine a day, ecklonia cava, grapeseed extract and have worked great for me.

  5. I'm interested in more info.



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